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Gurin Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale


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SM 110 Two way Display Finger Pulse Oximeter

Santa Medical develops the most awaited easy to view and record Deluxe SM-110 Two Way Display Finger Pulse Oximeter. It is a boon especially for the patients suffering from respiratory or lung ailments; and require continuous monitoring of their oxygen saturation and pulse levels.
SantaMedical is one of the  leading companies and manufacturers involved in manufacturing of user friendly medical equipments. It has disclosed that it has developed the two way display pulse oximeter to assess blood oxygen saturation and pulse pace. It is built with smart wireless technology; to assess the saturation and pulse rate the moment it is placed on the tip of the finger. Its two way display makes it easy to view the readings from different angles. It is an upgraded model with increased smart features. The oximeter is equipped with a fast and developed memory system to record readings. It is very exact and accurate in measuring the oxygen saturation and pulse level. Easily fits into fingers and has a…